DJ Mag Top 100 DJs


I took a glance at this year’s “Top 100 DJs” list from DJ Mag and got really fed up. 


To be fair, at least from my perspective, this list has never been taken seriously amongst the DJ community anyway. But in 2013, it’s more of a joke than ever. 


These 100 DJs, headed by “Hardwell” represent a certain breed of EDM producer, as well as upstarts who are way more concerned with their “brand” than anything to do with actual DJing. 


(For the record, an actual “DJ”, in my books, is simply someone who can provide some SKILLS, RECORD SELECTION or PERSONALITY to a party). 


I thought to myself – “I can reel of at least 100 DJs who are better than this!”. So I did. 


Train of thought-style, here are my Top 100 DJs. 


It wasn’t hard to come up with them – in fact, I didn’t spend much time, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bunch of great DJs. And for that, I apologise.


This is simply a list of 100 DJs who I have seen play, who I thought represent the skill-set better than anyone else.


It isn’t a “throwback” list of old school DJs by someone who thought that music was better “back in the day”. Everyone here is out there, doing shows right now. In fact there’s a bunch of up-and-coming DJs. 


There are DJs representing every dance music genre you could think of – trap, moombahton, bass, dancehall, hip-hop, breaks, drum & bass. Even some AV DJs. And a beatboxer (who’s still a better DJ than most people on the original “Top 100” list!). 


I even put myself in there at number 20, because it’s my list and I can do that! 


There are probably some people here that you haven’t heard of – I recommend you check them out if you get the chance. 


And actually, there are 2 or 3 DJs that cross-over with DJ Mag’s list – so, hey, they got it about 2% right as far as I’m concerned!


All art is subjective – this is for you to discuss, and tell me where I got it wrong. 


One thing’s for sure – it’s definitely a realer list than that selection of trance producers campaigning for votes. 


1. Q-Bert

2. Biz Markie

3. Z-Trip

4. Kid Koala

5. Spinbad

6. DJ Riz

7. A-Trak

8. David Rodigan

9. DJ Premier

10. Craze

11. Zane Lowe

12. Jazzy Jeff

13. Kid Capri

14. Babu

15. Shortkut

16. DJ Shadow

17. Norman Jay

18. Q-Tip

19. Shortkut

20. DJ Yoda

21. Kayper

22. A-Skillz

23. Doorly

24. The Nextmen

25. Mark Ronson

26. Cut Chemist

27. J-Rocc

28. Diplo

29. Fake Blood

30. Krafty Kuts

31. Sampology

32. Cosmo Baker

33. Nick Thayer

34. Annie Mac

35. Peanut Butter Wolf

36. DJ MK

37. Mr Thing

38. Neil Armstrong

39. Thee Mike B

40. Toddla T

41. Skream

42. Edan

43. Mike 2600

44. Klever

45. DJ Woody

46. Jack Beats

47. Dave Nada

48. Hudson Mohawke

49. Excel

50. DJ Spinna

51. Mighty Mi

52. Gabriel Heatwave

53. Tittsworth

54. Plastician

55. Erol Alkan

56. Dillon Francis

57. DJ Scene

58. Heroes x Villains

59. Mistajam

60. Jay Fay

61. Beardyman

62. DJ Zinc

63. JFB

64. Sabo

65. Jaguar Skills

66. DJ Cheeba

67. Andy George & Jaymo

68. DJ Vice

69. Brillz

70. Shy FX

71. DJ Marky

72. Zombie Disco Squad

73. Mixmaster Mike

74. Emynd

75. DJ Kormac

76. Mr Scruff

77. B Traits

78. Kutski

79. Herve

80. DJ Hype

81. D-Nice

82. Eats Everything

83. DJ Ayres

84. DJ Sega

85. Kissy Sell Out

86. Rusko

87. Yousef

88. Shiftee

89. Vajra

90. DJ Switch

91. Ali Shaheed Mohammed 

92. Matman

93. Martelo

94. Julio Bashmore

95. Kentaro

96. Rob Da Bank

97. Just Blaze

98. Rustie

99. Buraka Som Sistema

100. FlosstradamusImage


117 thoughts on “DJ Mag Top 100 DJs

    • Why would he need to include them on here? They comprise the majority of the DJ Mag list and most of them aren’t even good DJs compared to the “rap DJs” as you put it. Definitely prefer Yoda’s list…big up

      • definitely. besides, mixing hip hop is often a lot harder than mixing electronic genres such as house. Hip hop doesn’t have all of the long intro/outros to mix with and djs have a lot less time to cue to and beatmatch records, and the techniques used are often more complex as well.

      • @Carter, a proper EDM mix is much more than just beatmatching and mixing. Constructing a great mix includes selecting tracks that when put together can add up to an amazing work of art. Some DJs are in a class of there own when it comes to doing that. There are a ton of complexities and intricacies in a really great EDM DJs mix that sets the best apart.

      • SMH… what part of DJ Mag being a magazine for DANCE MUSIC DJ’s you guys don´t understand… Yoda, why you just don’t start your annual DJ Yoda all-time-and-genre DJ Top 100 and probably, gain more popularity at the same time…

        If you think this list is perfect, then why i don’t see great house music dj’s such as Richie Hawtin, Roger Sanchez, Sven Vath, Marco Carola and others… i mean, your post was really out of line… there are probably more than 100K dj’s out there… i can even mention great Dj’s from my country (Panama) that are great… Like Sara Castro, Tom Sawyer, Fidel Coronado, Noise Mac, and many more that you might never heard of… That DJ Mag list was the worldwide TOP 100 voted by the people around the world!!!

        you should start doing music that people like… so you get to be on the list next year… MAYBE!

  1. People need to remember Yoda popped this list together in a few thinking minutes. He hasn’t spent days deciding who should be in, who should be out.
    He’s Simply pointing out in no time at all a list can be drawn up that shits all over and makes a mockery of this DJ Mag top 100.
    Each and everyone of us could write our own top 100 which betters this piffle of commercialised nonsense DJ Mag offers.

    That said, RJD2 and John Talabot would make my cut!!

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    • word… smartest reply I have seen so far.

      Can’t forget DJ JS-1, who should have not only been on the list, but also very high up too.

      Just an opinion though. Everyone will have their own idea of what makes people worthy I guess

  3. Decent list, but this is only 99 DJs since Shortkut is in there at 19 and 15. I’d like to see Mark Farina in there. His Mushroom Jazz sets on 3 turntables are awesome in the way he blends a bassline from one, melody from a second and percussion from the 3rd! Numark should probably be in there too though I suppose his sets transcend DJing.

  4. Every person on that list that uses a sync button needs to be taken off. Saw Rusko three night ago. Snore with no mixing. Bye.

  5. Amazing i think is good to see new namesin the list and see some names out of the comercial stuff i have been djing with some of this guys that are in the 100 top dj mag … and some of them are very good the rest of them are a clowns !!!! i like your list !!!!

    PS i like is more new names coming up in the dj mag list thats a good point !but some of the new names doesnt have the skills !!!

    Ps Mark Ksas

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  7. All the art of djing came from “Hip Hop.” Respect the architect. I’m sure most of the Djs on this list would flip the script with house or EDM music. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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  9. Numark for sure!! Also as far as non-edm house music goes, I would like to nominate Lee Burridge. He puts down some of the best 7 hour journeys I’ve experienced at his All Day I Dream parties.

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  11. Ok, so what’s a good dj? A good dj is the one who can entertain a public, the one who people enjoy. That is the better definition for a great dj. As you may see djmag’s list is based on voting, it is a poll, people from all world vote for the dj’s they like, and why do you think you are right and the rest of the world is wrong? A dj is good not only when he is skilled, a dj is good when he uses his skills the right manner and the public loves it, a good dj is the one people like. There are some things I do not agree with djmag’s list too, I’ve been to a David Guetta & Calvin Harris show and I can swear David Guetta did nothing good, I hated his show, on the other side, Calvin Harris’ show was pretty awesome, he made people “go crazy” from the moment he entered the stage ’till the moment he left, still then David Guetta is above Calvin Harris is the djmag’s list, something I can’t complain because people from every place in the world voted for him…

    • This is more logical comment. Agreed with you, that DJ Mag Top 100 is not based on how skillful the dj was, but based on how popular they are on the EDM community, which is as both you Yoda and all of us know, EDM community is pretty much worldwide. So why the complain?

  12. DJ = Disc Jockey = Jockeying Disc . Selecting music on your laptop not really the same thing .. ..they shouldn’t really be called DJ’s ..I think Music Selector is more appropriate ..but I have one of those on my mac

  13. I feel you on what you’re saying about the Top 100 DJs list and I agree also that I don’t think anyone in the DJ industry really cares or takes it seriously. That being said and no disrespect to Biz Markie, but skillz wise and overall as a DJ, he should NOT be #2 on any list. I’ve seen and heard him mix several times in person and I’m not alone when I say he’s not impressive. Mix Master Mike at #73 on your list? Are you sure about that? Also I noticed you have my man Shortkut on their twice. I think Chris Karns (Vajra) needs to be up higher on that list also.

  14. Well, I agree on most of the points you mentioned, but I still think that this whole “poll-thing”, when everybody wants to know who the fuck is the number 1, is shitty idea itself. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care, who is number 1, I have my own list and I don’t have to make it public. The DJ Mag list is farce and everybody who knows at least a little about electronic music knows it. The fact that they compare “DJs” (oh how I hate when the list says DJs a then you see Daft Punk, deadmau5 and plenty of others who don’t DJ anymore) throughout all genres is like comparing apples and oranges (more likely apples to carrots). If it was a list of let’s say TOP 100 EDM Producers (which will be much more accurate) than it’ll be OK I suppose. And to say something to your list, I don’t know most of the names (I will definitely found some of them) because I’m more into techno music than the genres you have included. But this at least have something that can be compared because it’s about DJing skills and thanks to the people mentioned in the DJ Mag list, I’ve been pretty much disgusted about the word “DJing” during the last two years as everybody is a “wannabe” DJ. Well don’t get me wrong, I respect DJing but I personally prefer live acts way more then DJing as a style of live performance because not everybody does that and it’s more original. But this is far away from the crux of the matter. In conclusion, don’t take the list too seriously because (as they declare) everyone can vote and every vote counts, regardless if you’re an expert or some bum who thinks that “Hardwell’s pretty cool”. Leave the list to kids….

  15. Given the same set of basic equipment and tracks, can the top 5 DJs from DJ Mag perform the same set performed by Yoda’s top 5? (And vice versa of course.) I’d like to find out…

    Two turntables, a mixer, and music. That’s it. Who is technically better?

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  17. this is a decent list. the thing i have a problem with is that dj mag doesn’t pick the winners. the public votes on it, so i don’t really understand the shade. also, being the #1 most popular dj in the world as voted by the masses does not = being the most skilled, personable, professional, or talented artists. it doesn’t even = being an artist. that’s not what the list is about, silly and trite as that may sound.

  18. The problem with the list is Shortkut is 15. and 19. so… stop your whining about the list as the DJ you wanted in there can take one of those slots 🙂 Problem solved 😀

  19. Dude, the DJ Mag poll serves purely to measure the popularity of the mainstream DJ/Producers. You can`t compare Yoda’s list to their rankings. different skill sets, different styles, different public. It’s not about being a joke, if that’s what some people consider it to be. It’s about who’s the most recognized DJ at present time. You want the best turntableist (made that up), check out the world championships. Those guys do things with vinyl that are amazing. Or head to some sweet underground clubs at your city. I bet there’s probably 10 or 15 kids who can shred a mixer like you’ve never heard before. But compare them to the DJ Mag poll? That’s the real joke.

  20. First: DJ Mag wasn’t a “Trance Producers list” this year. It was dominated by “electro-house popstars”.
    Second: DJ Mag is a EDM magazine, so, obviously you won’t get any hip hop Dj’s on year.
    Third: DJ Mag top 100 was announced this year not as a “DJ contest”, but as a “DJ/ Producer Contest”, and you didn’t take in account the production skills in your list.

    Anyway, I also hated the DJ Mag results as hell. It’s not about the most creative DJ or the more melodic Producer. Is about who has the best marketing and more collabs with popstars. Since the pool became popular on America and also to mainstream audiences (instead of the “underground” ones it had before Guetta started to make success here with “The World is Mine”), the list became a “generic producer list”, of who does what is more “dirty” beat, even if that means loosing all melody or progression of the song.

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